01 September, 2005

Session 161 2005-6: 2nd Council Meeting, Thursday 1 September 2005

Present: Dr Wilson, Dr MacIntyre, Prof. Hume Adams, Dr Watson, Dr Willox, Dr McKean, Dr Oates and Dr Redding

Apologies: Dr Vernon, Dr Weetch

Minutes: Accepted and approved.

Matters arising: Stefan Slater – excellent recovery post serious illness was welcomed.
Douglas McLellan – Prof. Hume Adams will chase him up with regard to Presidential Portraits.
David Ritchie has accepted the post of Senior Vice President.
Jonathan Oates has accepted the post of Editorial Secretary.

Auditors: Dr P Wilson accepted the post as second auditor with Prof. Hume Adams.

Minutes of talks/recording: There were discussions about recording talks with or without slides. Dr Watson asked what would happen to recordings. A pilot of recording talks will start with the Presidential Address. Minutes will still be hand written. Dr Oates agreed to investigate a Society website. Dr Willox raised the subject of SMS having its own website where talks could be made widely available. Dr Willox offered to provide a summary of his talk. Dr MacIntyre agreed to take minutes of first meeting (Presidential Address).

Dinner: President – Introduce guests, Professor Sturrock and Professor Watt at beginning of the evening and says grace.
Professor R. Sturrock – 5 minutes – toast Health of Society after meal. (GRI)
Presentation of golf prizes by President
Minutes - Dr Oates will read minutes of 100 years ago.

Catering / Meeting: Order 50% more food than return. Order tea and coffee from hospital for meeting.
Dr Derbyshire’s meeting – promote and send out early warning.
Presidential Address – notice to all Health Visitors. Dr Wilson to provide secretary with details.

Medical Student Prize: To be awarded this year - £100. Secretary to write to Mrs Leila Inglis (Administrator – Division of Community Based Sciences, General Practice, Primary Care).

Questionnaire: Results presented and discussed. Very diverse response to questionnaire, no overwhelming majority for any particular view except content of meetings should be primarily clinical. Summary of questionnaire to be made available at Presidential Address, 13th October 2005.
E-mail reminder Monday before meeting to people with e-mail address.
The letter from John Main (Senior Medical Artist) was discussed. This enthusiasm was commended. Dr Oates suggested putting poster on Intranet – will discuss with Jane Bradley.
List of meetings – Mary Smith in Postgraduate Education to include meetings in postgraduate flyer. The merger with Royal Medico Chirurgical Society as suggested by Dr Martin McIntyre (Secretary Med-Chir) was discussed. The feeling was that this would see the end of the Southern Medical Society and was at present for the
future. This year’s attendance will be monitored and raised at the AGM in 2006.


Date of Next Meeting:
Society Meeting – 13th October 2005
Council Meeting – 6th February 2006