02 May, 2005

Session 160 2004-5: Annual General Meeting & 1st Council Meeting

The Society met at 7.30pm in the E Floor Conference Room of the Victoria Infirmary. The President, Dr David Vernon, was in the chair and 7 members attended.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Dr Brigid Malloy, Dr Duncan MacIntyre, Dr Penelope Redding, Mr D Smith and Dr David Willox.

Minutes: Minutes of AGM of 22nd April 2004 and of 3rd Council meeting of 17th February 2005 were accepted as accurate.

Report of Honorary Secretary: The Honorary Secretary indicated that, as always, the meetings of the 160th Session had been of a high standard and appreciated by all attendees. The dinner in the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel was a particular success. Sadly numbers attending remain disappointing with best attendance of 56 being at the meeting entitled “Bioterrorism” when a number of Bacteriology staff was present as special guests.
A representative poll of members at the beginning of the session revealed that members still had an interest in the Society but no time to attend meetings. The impression was that an earlier time for the meeting would be helpful but even this had no impact on attendance. The hospital catering particularly towards the end of the session was very poor.
The Honorary Secretary raised the question again as to how long the Society should continue to function with small numbers attending? Poor attendances are a particular embarrassment when speakers give of their time in preparation and delivery.

Treasurers Report: See attached

Programme for 161st session: In her absence, Dr Redding had requested that members consider carefully the future of the Society. It was suggested that the number of meetings should be reduced. Following a lot of discussion it was agreed that the programme should include Golf Outing, Presidential Address, Annual Dinner, Joint meeting with Royal Medico-Chirurgical Society, Honorary Presidential Address and 2 regular meetings.
Dr Philip Wilson agreed to prepare a letter to be sent to members to alert them to the possibility that this may be the Society’s last session. It was agreed that if attendances do not improve then this would be the last session.
The letter will give notice of the further reduction in the number of meetings, which will commence at 6.15pm for 7pm. Outside caterers will be employed to improve the standard of the hot buffet. Members will be asked to indicate that they wish to attend for the buffet and will be asked for a preferred method of communication i.e. reply slip, phone, e mail.

Election of Office Bearers: Dr Richard Watson was elected as an extra member of Council. It was agreed that a further extra member of Council was unnecessary. It was agreed that the Honorary Secretary does require a substitute in case of work commitments or illness. The Honorary Secretary will approach a member.
The President thanked Dr Christine Penney for all her efforts over the past 3years. Dr Penelope Redding assumes the role of Honorary Secretary.
Dr Vernon will approach a hospital colleague regarding the position of Senior Vice President.
Dr Vernon welcomed Dr Philip Wilson to the presidency of the Society. Dr Wilson thanked Dr Vernon for his successful year as President.

Medical Illustration: A gift of £300 was agreed.

A.O.C.B. A gift of £100 to the catering supervisor was agreed. Dr Penney suggested that the Society might send a well wishing gift to Dr Stefan Slater who has been very seriously ill. This was agreed.
Prof Hume Adams is communicating with Dr McLellan regarding Presidential Portraits.